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Community Show – Bruce Houlder – Founder of FightingKnifeCrime.London

Great chat with Bruce Houlder who has set up a fantastic resource, launching June 2021: http://www.FightingKnifeCrime.London

Towpath talks 4 – November 2020

Ken Buckeridge presents another towpath talk. Ken is a member of an independent church in Uxbridge.  

Towpath talks 3 – November 2020

Ken Buckeridge is a member of a small independent church in Uxbridge.  Here he takes a walk along the towpath.

Towpath talks 2 – November 2020

Ken Buckeridge is a member of a local independent church in Uxbridge.  He joins us for another Towpath Talk.

Towpath talks – Nov 2020 – Ken Buckeridge

Ken Buckeridge joins us for a Towpath talk.

Community Show – Hillingdon Samaritans – for World Suicide prevention day

Avipsa Das is a volunteer at Hillingdon Samaritans, she spoke to us about why she volunteers as a Samaritan. Take a listen to the end to hear a song from one of the other volunteers – Marian.    

Casey Farquharson – ETC Group

Great to meet Casey Farquharson who runs ETC group. ETC stands for Education, Community, Technology. They partner with schools to provide FREE Computing curriculum teaching to students. They hold after school clubs, coding camps, and have a fantastic big yelow American school bus full of tech which tours around schools. ( There’s also a cafe… Read more »

Bruce Houlder – Knife Crime

Bruce Holder is the Representative Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Hillingdon. He’s the man to speak to if you want to nominate a person or a voluntary group for an honour, or nominate a company for the Queens Award for Enterprise. However, in this video, Bruce talks about Knife crime and some ideas… Read more »

Good Deeds Day – Halo Children’s Foundation

At Good Deeds day, Lucy and Holly told us all about Halo Children’s Foundation.