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History Show – Ken Pearce – Tunnel beneath Windsor Street

Local Uxbridge legend says there’s a tunnel beneath the road in Windsor Street, linking St. Margaret’s Church and The Queen’s Head pub.  It’s said it was used as an escape route for priests, back in Henry VIII’s times. What do you think, is there a tunnel ? Local historian Ken Pearce looks back through the… Read more »

History Show – Ken Pearce – History of Uxbridge FC

Join local historian Ken Peare as he looks back at the history of Uxbridge Football Club.      

History Show – Ken Pearce – Origins of Uxbridge

In this video, local historian Ken Pearce takes us right back to the start of Uxbridge as a town.  We find out how Uxbridge started.

History Show – Ken Pearce – A diary from 1853

Local historian Ken Pearce is back with another slice of local history.  In this talk, Ken goes back to 1853 with some extracts from the diary of a local lady.  Apparently it was much colder back then!  

History Show – Ken Pearce – 2 local royal connections

Local historian Ken Pearce talks about 2 local royal connections

History Show – Ken Pearce – Trouble at the market

Ken Pearce, local historian and Chairman of the Uxbridge local history society brings us another talk.  We’re going back to the 1600’s where local trades people were not happy about the rules being imposed in Uxbridge market.  

History Show – Ken Pearce – Aviator Reginald Brie

Local historian Ken Pearce has another story for us. This one goes back to WW1 and a local avaitor Reginald Brie.  Reginald lived in The Greenway in Uxbridge and went on to fly an Autogyro – the precursor to the helicopter.  He even landed one in Bishopshalt School.    

History Show – Ken Pearce – Queen Elizabeth I comes to Harefield

Local historian and Chairman of the Uxbridge local history society, Ken Pearce brings us another story from the past.  This one goes back to the 1600s when Queen Elizabeth I visited Harefield Place.

History Show – John Randall – Memories of Randalls department store

John Randall joins us to chat about his memories of running the independent family-run department store in Uxbridge – Randalls. Let us know if you have any memories of shopping at Randalls. The shop was also used for filming a number of times.