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History show – Ken Pearce – Unusual happenings 3

We love these tales of unusual goings on in the local area from local historian Ken Pearce. This one includes the tale of a ghost in the hairdressers ! Catch up with more local content here:    

History Show – Ken Pearce – A Roman road

Let’s join local Uxbridge historian Ken Pearce for another history talk. The subject of this one is: A Roman road. Catch up with more local content here:

History show – Ken Pearce – Some unusual happenings

A heart in a butter dish, enormous hail stones, a will from a window and misbehaving bellringers.  All in a day’s work for local historian Ken Pearce, he brings some unusual happenings.    

History Show – Ken Pearce – Uxbridge in the 1930s ( Part 2 )

Well, if you didn’t hear it from the horses mouth, would you believe it ? Back when electricity was first introduced into houses in the 1930s, there were no plug sockets, only lights in the ceiling.  It meant that when hoovers came out, you had to plug them into the light socket! Imagine that now,… Read more »

History Show – Ken Pearce – Emily’s Diary (2)

Local historian Ken Pearce takes a look at a diary of a local girl from the 1850s.  Was there a secret romance in the air ?

History Show – Ken Pearce – Uxbridge in the 1930s

Local historian Ken Pearce looks back at Uxbridge in the 1930s.  Did you know, there were 3 stations !

History Show – Ken Pearce – Origins of Uxbridge

In this video, local historian Ken Pearce takes us right back to the start of Uxbridge as a town.  We find out how Uxbridge started.

History Show – Ken Pearce – 2 local royal connections

Local historian Ken Pearce talks about 2 local royal connections

History Show – Ken Pearce – Trouble at the market

Ken Pearce, local historian and Chairman of the Uxbridge local history society brings us another talk.  We’re going back to the 1600’s where local trades people were not happy about the rules being imposed in Uxbridge market.