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History Show – Ken Pearce – History of Uxbridge FC

Join local historian Ken Peare as he looks back at the history of Uxbridge Football Club.      

History Show – Canals in Uxbridge – By Ken Pearce

Local historian Ken Pearce tells us about the canals around Uxbridge – all about how they were constructed.  

Ken Pearce – History Show – Market Day in 1830

Ken Pearce ( Chairman of the Uxbridge Local History Society ) has another story. This time we go back to 1830 and it’s market day in Uxbridge. Check out more content here: http://www.UxbridgeFM.co.uk

History Show – Ken Pearce – Tunnel beneath Windsor Street

Local Uxbridge legend says there’s a tunnel beneath the road in Windsor Street, linking St. Margaret’s Church and The Queen’s Head pub.  It’s said it was used as an escape route for priests, back in Henry VIII’s times. What do you think, is there a tunnel ? Local historian Ken Pearce looks back through the… Read more »

History Show – The Hillingdon Fair – By Ken Pearce

Local historian Ken Pearce joins us again to tell us about the history of the Hillingdon Fair.  

History Show – Toby Van De Velde – Photographer

Toby Van De Velde worked as a staff photographer on the Uxbridge Gazette for many years. He’s also a keen analogue photographer with his own darkroom that he runs with sustainable chemicals. Twitter: @TobyVPhoto Check out more local content here: http://www.uxbridgefm.co.uk

History Show – Ken Pearce – Uxbridge in the 1930s

Local historian Ken Pearce looks back at Uxbridge in the 1930s.  Did you know, there were 3 stations !

History Show – Uxbridge railways ( part 1 ) – by Ken Pearce

Local historian Ken Pearce is back, this time he’s talking about railways in Uxbridge.  There’s lots to tell on this subject so it’s split into 2 parts.

History Show – Ken Pearce – The Health of Uxbridge in 1849

Local historian Ken Pearce delves back into the Uxbridge archives and looks at the health ( or not ) of Uxbridge in 1849. Ken is Chairman of the Uxbridge local history society, more info on the society here: http://eddiethecomputer.co.uk/ More talks from Ken here: http://www.uxbridgefm.co.uk