Why Advertise with us?

With short-form content, listeners or viewers have specifically chosen to engage because it’s relevant to them. The content is not background radio, passing-by on a billboard, or on TV in the lounge while you’re making tea in the kitchen. You have the full attention of the viewer or listener.

We offer advertising slots on 2 of our shows – The Uxbridge Update and The Uxbridge Business Buzz. These are produced on a short lead-time, enabling topical advertising. For example a specific reference to a house for an estate agent, a certain car for a used-car garage, or a short-term offer from a shop. Compared to the long lead-times of newspapers and magazines, ours are just days.

Our shows are posted to multiple social media sites – Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc. and reach several thousand people each week in the Uxbridge area.

Talk to us about advertising with Uxbridge FM today.